To support the use of medication assisted treatment as an evidence-based and highly effective treatment for persons with an Opioid Use Disorder

To facilitate communication among Opioid Treatment Providers in the state of South Carolina in order to unify the field, promote best practice standards among members, and keep members apprised of changes or advances which may impact the field of opioid treatment.

To reduce stigma associated with MAT and medication supported recovery and the active discrimination faced by persons who receive services from opioid treatment programs

To serve as a resource within our state for those agencies, organizations, individuals, or other key stakeholders interested and involved in promoting recovery from Opioid Use Disorders

To advocate, as necessary, for legislation and policy which supports quality and evidentially supported practices, and which does not unnecessarily encumber access to or delivery of services provided by OTPs

To maintain active membership with AATOD, the American Association for the Treatment of Opioid Use Disorder, and to subscribe to the AATOD Cannon of Ethics